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Death of a Father
by Shih

Vienna Music Workshop
dietheater Künstlerhaus

Directed by Peter Pawlik
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video stills: iris dostal
Violence and autonomy in 9 episodes. Chamber opera after a play by the same title by Arnolt Bronnen. Debut perfomance 1994 in Dresden. Austrian debut.

vatermord, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb

vatermord, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb
»The audience is seated in front of a slanted cross-section into a modern block of flats. The orchestra sits on the ground floor. On the floor above there is a mute family in its training suits sitting in front of the TV set. They are not aware of the family drama developing on the floor above them.«
Wiener Zeitung, December 2000

vatermord, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb
»Hannes Leitgeb tinkered him a literally oblique stage design and put the unholly family in the chaste textile wrapping of the 50ies.«
Der Standard, December 2000
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