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von Terry Johnson

by Terry Johnson

Mödling City Theater
Directed by Rüdiger Hentzschel

Theater Scala, Vienna

Fritz Rémond Theater im Zoo
hysteria 1hysteria 2
photos: kathrin simmet
Comedy, debut performance 1993 at the Royal Court Theatre, London
During his last days Sigmund Freud is being confronted once more with issues and characters from his past.
»Johannes Leitgeb’s space solutions have been again convincing.«
Badener Zeitung, December 2006

hysteria, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb
Sigmund Freud’s office during his exile in England
»Excellent stage design (including the famous couch, of course) by Johannes Leitgeb, sucessful direction by Rüdiger Hentzschel, brilliant cast…«
Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, December 2006

hysteria, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb
The walls are partially made of extensible book shelves
»Everything is perfect – from stage design to the tiniest punch line.«
Badener Rundschau, December 2006
»The serious issues impressed me by the lightness they are dealt with..«
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