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by Joe Orton

Theater Scala, Vienna
Directed by Rüdiger Hentzschel

Mödling City Theater
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photos: kathrin simmet
Farce, debut performance: 1965 at Arts Theatre, Cambridge
German debut: 1966 at Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
Mrs McLeavy has passed way. But the widower and the rest of the household have no time to mourn: a bank robbery, the search for an adequate hiding place for the plunder, and an extra corpse, as well as the impertinent and stupid detective Truscott – all this gives Hal and his pal Dennis a hard time. And what part does the misterous and attractive nurse of the late Mrs McLeavy play in the story?
In the early 60ies, shortly before the appearence of Monty Python, Joe Orton was considered one of the ’young wilds’ and an enfant terrible, busy with making fun of British values. After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and a number of early successes as an author and actor, Orton became a crime victim himself at the age of 34: shortly before beginning work on a film with the Beatles, he was killed with a hammer by his lover.

beute, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb
»Reminiscent of comic strips, the stage design solution (Johannes Leitgeb) with its elements that keep showing up out of nowhere, supports the story and the character profiling.«
Badener Zeitung, November 2006

beute, bühnenbild: johannes leitgeb
»Convincing: the stage design and its gradual appearance (perfect timing) is more than adequate and gives the play a suitable setting.«
Event.at, October 2006
»The actors gradually fetch from the dark those parts of the setting the story requires at various moments.«
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